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Loukoumi's Celebrity Cookbook


Loukoumi's Celebrity Cookbook

The hero of a very popular children book in the US took its name from our main product. Loukoumi, this cute little lamb is sharing with celebrities in this new book of Nick Katsoris. Nicole Kidman, Oprah, Jenifer Aniston and 50 other worldwide celebrities publish their favorite childhood recipe together with Loukoumi the Lamb whose favorite is Chocolate covered Loukoumi Geroskipou.

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Here below we present the recipe as it appears in the book.

Chocolate covered Loukoumi Ingredients:

• One box of Aphrodite Delights Loukoumi Geroskipou

• Chocolate

• Oil or Butter Take some loukoumi pieces from the box & cut to required size (if the one in the box isn’t of the required size)

Remove the icing sugar with a brush or steam (if using steam makes sure to dry them thoroughly)

Melt the chocolate (milk, dark or white) in a Bain Marie.

Add a few drops of oil or butter if you want an extra sheen on the chocolate.

Put the loukoumi in the chocolate & cover them all over.

Cut some baking paper to the size of a baking tray & place a grid on top.

Carefully remove the delights from the chocolate using a skewer.

Place on top of grid for chocolate to set. Place in the fridge to speed up the process.

Reuse any chocolate that has dropped on the tray.


Connie Martinson Talks Books with author Nick Katsoris during filming of her show
Frank Dicopoulos Loukoumi lamb
Nick Gregory Fox 5 Loukoumi lamb
3 Disney stars: Catherine McNamara, Dylan Riley Snyder and Kenton Duty with Author Nick Katsoris

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