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"Aphrodite delights has great faith in the Research & Development culture, as it is able to help improve and develop the standards of living and business activities in a country. This is why Aphrodite Delights has joined several research programmes. It has a successful continuous cooperation with RTD Talos, and has completed two research programmes. At present, Aphrodite Delights is in the process of a third, and there are several more proposals for more research programmes to join."


The latest Research and Development Program we participate is i-desme



The main objective of the i-desme proposed project is to develop a framework process for the interdisciplinary design and implementation of production scheduling Decision Support Systems (DSS) in Cypriot Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 


The methodology of developing the framework process will be based on the analysis of human, organizational and technological characteristics of scheduling tasks, and the integration of their interdisciplinary considerations within a software engineering lifecycle. The proposed process will be developed and validated through the design, implementation and testing of a scheduling DSS for the case of the Aphrodite Delights Ltd company.


The main anticipated benefit of the proposed research project is an increase in the competitiveness of Cypriot SMEs (especially the ones of the food and drinks processing industry), through the efficient design, implementation and use of robust scheduling DSS. Since this research will be conducted for the first time in a pan-European environment, its findings can also form the basis for the development of a detailed theoretical framework process for the interdisciplinary design of scheduling DSS, irrespective of the type and size of the scheduling environment.


The project is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.

The project consortium comprises of the following partners:

  • EUC Research Centre LTD 
  • Université de Toulouse, CLLE laboratory
  • Aphrodite Delights.
  • RTD Talos
  • Dynamic Works Ltd




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