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  Loukoumi Geroskipou is the perfect unforgetable sweet to treat your guests on your most special day




The Aphrodite Delights of Yeroskipou have created in 1895 and have been ever since preserving the sweetest legacy/tradition until today.

The Loukoumi Yeroskipou was officially recognized as the First Cypriot Product that was inserted with "Protected Geographical Indication".


Today we are bringing into life/introducing the sweetest tradition of Cyprus and bringing/re-introducing the Loukoumi Yeroskipou back as a Wedding Treat.

 "Give your guests the Sweetest Memory".


Serve Loukoumi Geroskipou, Because:


Your guests will certainly enjoy their treat.

You can determin the flavor and filling of the Loukoumi.

You have the option to select from various packaging materials.

You may keep the delights in your house for a long period of time, for the visitors who come by to give wedding wishes, months after the event.

You get to select the less expensive/more economical/cheaper solution than any other wedding treat.

"Create your Wedding Treat with your Imagination"


The most popular wedding flavors we offer:

 Bergamot    Mastic   Rose    Vanilla    Pistachio


 For those who want to be pioneers:


Coconut    Pineapple    Mandarine    Lemon    Mint

       Banana        Orange            Chocolate


 To all of the above flavors, the following nuts can be added:


Almond, Pistachio, Walnut, Hazelnut, Peanut




- The loukoumia are being packaged into special plastic containers in the size of your choise


- Those plastic containers are being sealed using Flow Pack Film in the coloring of your choise, in order to keep the loukoumi in perfect condition.


- The packaged Loukoumi can be placed into a box of your choise.





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